Jewelry repair

At Bijouterie Diane Or, we can repair all types of jewelry. Our team is comprised of an experienced goldsmith and jeweller who perform all repairs of rings, pendants, bracelets, or earrings.

Book an appointment now with one of our sales representatives or visit us in store for a free estimate.

Cleaning / Polishing of Jewelry

It is normal for your jewelry to tarnish and lose its luster over time, but it is possible to restore it to its original appearance with a simple cleaning or polishing.

It is recommended to polish or clean your gold and silver jewelry once or twice a year. For rings, we also recommend inspecting the claws to avoid loss of stones and to ensure that your jewelry has not been inadvertently damaged.

Our craftsmen use ultrasonic cleaning and rhodium plating techniques that remove surface scratches, while ensuring that your jewelry will not be altered.

The rhodium will prevent any blackening of your jewelry by depositing a thin layer of white metal that cannot be altered by air.

This fast and budget-friendly service will instantly rejuvenate your precious piece of jewelry.

Ring Size Adjustment

You found the perfect ring, but not in your size? You inherited your grandmother's ring, but it is too small or too big? You are having trouble removing your wedding band? At Bijouterie Diane Or, we offer accurate and fast ring size adjustment, whether it is for an enlargement, reduction, reinforcement, or replacement of the ring body.

We specialize in the adjustment of gold and silver rings. Our service only takes a few minutes.

We start by precisely measuring the diameter of the selected finger. Our craftsmen then adjust the ring with techniques using state-of-the-art tools.

Whether it is gold, silver or any other metal, our qualified experts do high quality work and produce a totally invisible result.

If your size seems to be between two measurements, we will choose the larger size for your comfort.

Please note that a ring size adjustment will in no way alter your ring.

Stone Replacement

Our qualified jeweler can replace any lost or damaged stone on your jewelry.

Simply book an appointment or visit us in store for a free estimate. We will accompany you through the process to restore your precious jewelry with the perfect stone.

We offer several kinds of precious and semi-precious stones. It is also possible to polish the stones to give them a similar aspect to the other stones on your jewel. We also offer claw adjustment.